Services & Products

The following are the Services and Products available to you as a valued member of the Landowners Association:

  • PREMISE LIABILITY INSURANCE – This insurance is supplied to you FREE of charge if you are a member in good standing. It is a Premise Liability Insurance coverage. This policy is paid by the Association and covers the Association and Its Members. This does not cover properties that are located on a body of water or if you have more than 10 contiguous lots in a row. The Association holds the policy and you will be sent an “Insurance Guarantee” notice in your first newsletter upon joining the Landowners Association. If you encounter a problem on your property that is covered by the Premise Liability Insurance all you need to do is contact our Association and we would follow through for you.

  • LEGAL REPRESENTATION – We supply legal representation when needed on issues that may affect our property, as absentee landowners. The Association has litigated in behalf of the absentee landowners and won cases in regards to all legal issues pertaining to land uses. We are currently seeking legal counsel regarding the HB 552, a house bill that could affect all landowners in New Mexico.

  • UNITY – As a member of a large group, we offer the consolidation of interest to speak as one voice on matters affecting our property. The Association has a greater weight than all its collected members.

  • RECOMMENDED ATTORNEY - We can supply you with a name of a recommended attorney in New Mexico if you should ever need one. The attorney would be able to help or advise you on legal issues that may involve your deed, transfer of names, or any other problems or questions you may have regarding your New Mexico property. The recommended attorney does not work for this Association, any services rendered, if needed, would be between you and the attorney only.

  • RECOMMENDED REALTOR – We can supply you with a name of a recommended Realtor in New Mexico if you should ever need one. The realtor can list and sell your property for you. You can contact the realtor for information such as land value, lot sales, or any of your real estate needs. There are many scam artists today that take advantage of the absentee landowner. Make sure you aren’t their next victim. The recommended realtor does not work for this Association, any services rendered, if needed, would be between you and the realtor only.

  • COMMUNICATION – Our lines of communication are available through our 800-toll free number, E-mail and website. This will allow you to speak with a staff representative to answer any questions or comments you may have regarding your property.(Please remember that our 800 toll free number is only available in the continental U.S.)

  • NEWSLETTERS – You will receive four (4) quarterly newsletters, now supplied to you by e-mail in a format that will allow you to print if you so desire. For those of you who wish to receive the newsletters via the U.S. Postal Service this option is still available. No one will be left out. These newsletters will keep you informed and abreast of everything that may or could maximize your property investment. Knowing the facts and staying informed is the most important key involving any investment. Being an absentee landowner, this becomes a MAJOR KEY. You will receive information on issues such as new laws or assessments, ordinances or zoning issues that could change the proposed use of your property, new development, and new roads; these are just some of the topics we will be reporting on. We will keep you abreast on both local and state issues. This factual information may give you the assurance you need when making decisions regarding your investment. Our information has helped many of our members save time and money when it came to their property questions. Let us help you too.

The following tools are available to help you better understand and locate your property, the surrounding areas and some of the technicalities of property ownership. They can be purchased from the Landowners Association.
  • NEW AERIAL PHOTO – This is a glossy, colored aerial photo showing the terrain and solid street lines. It will show all the commercial and residential development in the area purchased. It was photographed in 2008 and is the most current information available. Click here to view sample.

  • NEW COMPLETE AERIAL PHOTO – This is a glossy, colored aerial photo that includes all of the units in Rio Rancho. It was also photographed in 2008. If you choose to purchase a complete aerial photo it is not necessary to order an individual aerial photo.

  • COLORED MAP – This map will show all the units within Rio Rancho and the names of the streets in each unit.

  • PLAT MAP – This map will show how many lots are in a block and the names of the streets in your section.

  • OWNERS GUIDE TO CLEAR TITLE” – This book will supply legal information in laymen’s terms. It will cover topics such as title, deed, forms of ownership, common procedures and how to get legal assistance.